Helpful Articles and Information for
Suicide Loss Survivors


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Dealing With Grief

  • Phases of Grief
  • Help Through Grief
  • Symptoms of Grief
  • Feelings During Grief
  • How Grief Changes Our Lives
  • Myths About Grief
  • Some Facts About Life After Death

and Coping

  • Suggestions for Helping Yourself Survive
  • Surviving Suicide: Our Struggles and Victories
  • Suggestions for Coping As a Family
  • Stress Survival
  • Beyond Surviving
  • Suggestions for Helping Survivors

Children Grieve
a Suicide Loss

  • Suggestions for Helping Children
  • Helping Children Through Grief
  • Talking with Children in Grief
  • Assisting Children to Live With Death

The Holidays

  • Holiday Problems-Holiday Solutions
  • Holiday Suggestions
  • Help for the Holidays
  • Reclaiming Our Joy